Essential activation exercises to do before your next run


This is a guest blog by Victoria Lavinskas, a physiotherapist at Totum Life Science in Toronto, Canada. In her practice, Victoria specifically works with executives that spend their off-hours participating in activities such as hiking and running (and ballet!), so we asked her for some tips and must-do exercises.  

Whether Covid-19 has you returning to running, starting from scratch or even if you're a well-heeled runner, you'll do well to try on the following five pre-run activation exercises.


Chair lunge
10x reps

"This works on hip flexion and extension mobility, which are both very important in running."

Dynamic hamstring stretching
10x reps
"Working on your hamstring flexibility can allow for a better swing phase."

Heel raise with foam roller squeeze
10x reps
"This works on ankle stability for the landing and push-off phases."
10x reps
"This works on the Anterior Oblique Chain (part of your core), which helps stabilize the pelvis during the swing phase."

Bridge with alternating knee extension
10x reps
"This works on the Posterior Oblique Chain (part of your core), which helps stabilize the pelvis during the push-off phase."



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