5 great running podcasts to binge right now

5 great running podcasts to binge right now

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Whether you're running solo outdoors, or moving your strides inside, here are five running podcasts that will help you maintain motivation, and stave off boredom during your coronavirus self-isolation. 

The Rambling Runner Podcast by Matt Chittim
Matt Chittim’s podcast for amateur runners recently announced a running series designed to be an alternative to worldwide race cancellations due to COVID-19. The “Rambling Runner Virtual Race Series” is a database that uses gps to record running distances while participants compete with one another from their respective self-isolation locations. All you need to join in the virtual fun is a free Strava account (strava.com) and a device that tracks your run (your phone, your gps watch, etc). Once you’ve logged into your account, join the Rambling Runner Run Club to see the leaderboard and opportunities to engage with other runners. The series lets you achieve personal goals while helping the running community keep pace as the world slows down. The first race is a 5k, which kicks off March 28, 2020.

The Morning Shakeout 
If self-isolation is making you feel a bit sluggish, an inspirational running story should give you the boost you need. Episode 102 of The Morning Shakeout interviews US Olympic trials winner Aliphine Tuliamuk and follows the journey that led to her placing first in Atlanta last month. The Kenyan-born US long-distance runner discusses how she dealt with being away from family during her training, realized the need to psychologically prepare for her race, and how, even as a pro runner, experienced doubt and uncertainty along the way. 


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Marathon Talk
Looking for a talk more specific to running and the coronavirus? Tune into episode 532 “Coronavirus and Running” by UK podcast Marathon Talk. Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams, the podcast includes jokes about the recent toilet paper crisis, offers running advice, and provides ways to keep sane during self-isolation. The episode is just over an hour long and perfect for a few laughs and some note taking (probably not while running).

Becoming Ultra
Created by Scott Jones, this ultra running brand is driven by the belief that everyone has the potential to take on serious running challenges. Becomingultra.com offers a list of training categories including coaching, strength and conditioning tips, and virtual challenges. The podcast is a great resource, too. In a recent episode called “Common injuries and how to prevent them,” Jones interviews his cousin - a physical therapist who works in sports medicine and with athletes of all ages. If you can tolerate the first 15 minutes of inside jokes and personal anecdotes, you’ll find their conversation useful in terms of how to manage your pain as a runner.  

The Doctor’s Kitchen
The current COVID-19 pandemic might be an ideal time to step up your nutrition game for your running. The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast is full of healthy eating and optimal nutrition tips by Dr. Rupy Aujla. The general practitioner believes food can prevent sickness and disease, and his episodes feature interviews with other health professionals who specialize in various physiological matters and also believe in the healing power of food. Good thing the groceries stores are still open!

What running podcasts are you listening to right now?


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