Is core strength really that important? Ab-solutely!

Is core strength really that important? Ab-solutely!

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• The Mississippi River is a crucial waterway for several reasons, with drinking water and transport as two of the biggest ones. So what happens when the water levels of such an important watery artery drop drastically, as they have in recent months? In this piece, Adventure Journal takes a "canoe-level" look at the historic river as it faces its lowest water levels ever. 

•  Do you, or someone you know, own a running shop, hiking store or e-commerce shop? Or would you like to sell some All-Season gear at your local holiday market or race event? We are pleased to offer selected products at wholesale for qualified merchants. To place your order, visit our wholesale partner, Faire. 

 •  Twins! So alike... except when they aren't at all. A recent study looked at what happens when one twin is really into fitness and the other isn't. One of the Swedish study's examples looked at a pair in which one twin was a truck driver who (obviously) spent most of his working hours seated, while his twin was a triathlete who ran over 40,000 miles. How different were they when it came to fitness levels? The surprising results can be found here.  

 Here's a nice reflection from writer Terrell Johnson: "What I've learned about parenting from running."

• A strong core is about more than developed 6-pack abs, and it's crucial for staying active now and as you continue to age. Here's a solid guide to improving your core strength via Runner's World. 


The photo above is from a series about Lake Erie by Ontario photographer Trevor Pottelberg - and it's is incredible. It's our discovery of the week, but it is really better if you just go have a look instead of us describing them.  

“ The first wealth is health. “ – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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