5 must-do winter hikes in Michigan

5 must-do winter hikes in Michigan


The state of Michigan has nearly as many lakes and ponds as Alaska and is the largest U.S. territory east of the Mississippi River. All-Season charts your course through the Wolverine State’s expansive winter wonderland. 

Check out our list of 5 great Michigan winter hikes, and let us know if we've missed any!  

Heritage Trail (map)
Drummond Island, MI
Location: Along Potagannissing Bay, Drummond Island Township Park. 
Weather: Freezing temperatures that form an ice bridge to Canada in the winter
Circuit: 5 kilometre bi-level trail.
Activities: Hiking and snowshoeing. 
Other notable features: Heritage trail is great for your heart – it features a 50-foot drop in elevation that you can attempt to climb as well as peaceful scenery in which visitors are likely to see whitetail deer. Drummond Island itself is the #1 place in Michigan for snowmobiling.

Wolverine Nordic Trails (map)
Ironwood, MI

Location: Near Lake Superior’s south shore.
Weather: Average seasonal snowfall of 200" and season begins earlier and lasts longer than other areas in the Midwest.
Circuit: 17 kilometres of 5 separate trail loops. 
Activities: Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, flat-tire biking, recreation
Other notable features: The snowshoe trails are marked with red or blue ribbons that indicate each trail’s difficulty.The advanced path to take is the Hospital Loop Trail (marked blue) and the beginner path is the Snowflake Loop Trail (marked red).


Ogemaw Hills Pathway (map)
West Branch, MI

Location: Trail begins at the corner of Clear Lake and Fairview roads
Weather: Between six to 10 inches more snowfall than surrounding areas
Circuit: 23 kilometre groomed trail
Activities: Hiking and cross-country skiing
Other notable features: The opening to the Ogemaw Hills Pathway is the remainder of abandoned pioneer farms that are being reclaimed by forest. The opening was formed years ago by retreating glaciers.

Muncie Lake Pathway (map)
Traverse City, MI
Location: 21 kilometres south of Traverse City
Weather: Located near the 45th Parallel (midway between the North Pole and the equator) so the area has four distinct seasons
Circuit: 18 kilometre groomed trail with a trail loop
Activities: Hiking and cross-country skiing
Other notable features: The Muncie Lake Pathway’s trail takes visitors along hills through incredible views of Muncie Lake. The back loop of the trail system offers three long downhills for more experienced skiers.

Valley Spur Ski Trail (map)
Munising, MI

Location: The snowbelt of southern Lake Superior. 
Weather: Up to 200 inches of snow during the winter Circuit: 43 kilometre of trails and old logging roads.
Activities: Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 
Other notable features: The Valley Spur’s trailing and roads are lined by softwood pine and hardwood trees. A great place to experience during the holidays.


Alright adventurers: what's your go-to hike in the Mitten State? Let us know what we missed in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page



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