Run The 80s is a virtual race

Run Radical! Here are 5 fun reasons to sign up for the #RunThe80s virtual race


Get your headbands and neon bracelets ready, and start teasing your hair... this summer, The All-Season Co invites you to #RunThe80s with us on our first ever virtual race, in partnership with Virtual World and Sportstats. 


Below are five great reasons to run this race.

1. Have fun! It's an '80s themed race, and we're going retro and hope you'll get in on the fun. Dress up, tease your hair, put some Duran Duran, Run DMC, Amy Grant, Whitney Houston or Billy Joel on your walkman, and go have a great run. Take some selfies, and tag us on @theallseasonco so we can show your efforts off!

2. Feel good! A portion of the proceeds of each race entry will be donated to Because International, a charity we think is totally rad! They provide their "Shoes That Grow" to kids in developing nations that don't have shoes. How great is that? 

3. Personalized swag! For this race, we are creating a personalized #RunThe80s "race bib" shirt, with your race number, birth year, or favorite number (your choice!) printed on the front.

4. Plenty of options! You can run 5k, 10k or take on the Totally '80s challenge and go for 80kms through the month of August. Of course, you don't have to run at all - choose your favorite activity (walking, wheelchair, biking, etc) and add your results to our race timing partner, Sportstats.

5. There are a limited amount of spots! There are only 250 spots available for this race, so get in early to secure your place (and totally rad medal!). 

Ready to run radical? Sign up here.

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