Do you have a "will-run-for" recipe?

Do you have a "will-run-for" recipe?



We recently polled our All-Season Runner community on Instagram to find out if they were more likely to run for pizza or doughnuts. 

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds and hundreds of votes!

In the end, it was pizza... by a slice. 

Several runners also messaged us with write-in votes. Rather than pizza or doughnuts, they said they are more likely to run for other food (ice cream and tacos were big favorites).

All of this got us thinking. About food.  And how passionate All-Season Runners are about food.  And how much we've been missing writing about food here on our blog! 

So, we'd like to change this - and we'd love your help!


Maybe you have a favourite family recipe that you make post-race, or maybe you started making sourdough during lockdown. Perhaps you've discovered a must-make overnight oats recipe, or have a trail mix that your run crew asks you make every week. 

If you're comfortable sharing, we'd love to feature your "will-run-for" recipe on the All-Season blog

You can send us an email with your submission, or send it to us via DM on Facebook or Instagram.

If we feature yours (with full credit, of course), we'll send you an All-Season Runner mug to say thanks!  


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