Inspiring running and hiking documentaries you can stream for free

Inspiring running and hiking documentaries you can stream for free

As the current global crisis continues to keep things local (and for some, fully indoors!), your world may seem to get smaller with each passing day. 
With the selections below, you’re just a click away from your next adventure.

Open the windows, spray yourself with a water bottle and tune into these great outdoor documentaries. We hope these help inspire you until your neighborhood, local trails, and national parks reopen.


Follow Moroccan ultra-runner Aziza Raji through the alleys and streets of her village of Bou Tharar and into the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.  Along the way, discover how she changed perceptions and conquered some gruelling desert races. 

Watch it here: 


Lessons from the Edge

Follow South Africans Ryno Griesel and Ryan Sandes as they grind along The Great Himalaya Trail, attempting to run it in record time: 1,406 kms in 28 days. Expect frostbite, leg injuries, supply shortages, and other setbacks.

Watch it at


More Than A Race

This picturesque running documentary follows the 2014 Vibram Hong Kong 100 ultra race. It takes you along the host city’s hidden trails, passing by skyscrapers while touring Hong Kong’s unique natural scenery. The main point of film, however, is to provide insight into the challenges, triumphs and disappointments of the athletes running the miles and miles of trail. In this way, the race becomes more of a journey. 

Watch it in full below:



In 2017, Joe McConaughey set out to run the Appalachian Trail in record time. Running 16-17 hours a day without a crew, he averaged approximately two marathons a day. This piece follows his journey.

Watch it here:



Ok, this one's not running or hiking, but this piece about mountain biker John Wilson is a good reminder to stay grateful and appreciate finding time on the trails. 

Watch it here:


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