Train for your next run like it's 1942

Train for your next run like it's 1942

When running YouTuber Göran Winblad came across a copy of Gunder Hägg's training journal from the 1940s, it got him thinking: what would it be like to train for a day like the 15x world record holder?

Hägg records in his journal that he felt his pioneering training regiment put in a place that it would not be possible to train any harder. 

Some of the things Winblad took on from a day of Hägg's training log almost exactly 80 years ago included a 4km "hard run" split between road and track (using minimalist shoes), a hearty Swedish lunch and a 7km Fartlek session (Hägg was one of the earliest proponents of Fartleks).

We came across this video while doing some research about old-school runners (for an upcoming project!), and it certainly is an interesting idea. What can we learn from getting away from the smartwatches and cushiony shoes and get as minimalist as possible? 

Check out the video below,  and let us know if you'd give this training day a go. 



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Very cool. Incredible stride


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