RUN 101: Tips for running up hills

RUN 101: Tips for running up hills

Whether you're running repeats, are out on steep trails or just have a lot of vertical terrain on your running route, hills are tough. The good news is: so are you.

Here are a few simple tips to help make the best of running uphill. These are general points, and don't take into account individual runner's needs, or specific terrain, so please use and adjust according to your own fitness levels. 

How is your posture? Try leaning forward a bit, paying attention to ensure your chest is open to keep respiration high. Pick your knees up and shorten your stride. Keep your arms lower, or even push your hands against the tops of your thighs as you. Pay attention to what feels natural for you, but don't forget form. 

If you are running the same route, those hills will, like most things in running, get a bit easier with time and practice. Keep an eye on your heart rate as you progress. And then go find a bigger hill to climb!

Let your focus stay on the immediate road or path in front of you, rather than ahead at the hill's peak.

Listen to your body, not your watch. Relax your pace on the vertical, and reclaim it on the downhill. 

Stop stopping! Don't pause your run when you approach a hill; make it a goal to push to the top. Taking a break just before you take on a hill can make the task seem more daunting than it is. And it's ok to walk if you need to.


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