A reminder, runners: It's slippery season

A reminder, runners: It's slippery season

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For many runners, it's that time of the late winter/early spring when the temperatures lift just enough to melt the snow, and then fall quickly enough to freeze the puddles back into hard-to-spot ice. 

Here at All-Season Co HQ, we're hearing from several runners who had some serious slipping, suffering everything from minor cuts to more serious injuries. 

So, a friendly reminder to stay focused during slippy szn:

• keep your eyes out for black or clear ice;
• consider that ice may have formed in unexpected places, especially on trails;
• watch for fresh puddles that might actually have a layer of ice hidden underneath them;
• consider your footwear -- it might be sunny, but those spikes might still come in handy;
• and remember, it's still winter so don't forget general winter safety tips like being cautious around snowbanks (drivers may not be able to see you), and staying hydrated.

It can be easy to get distracted at this time of year as the temperatures rise, the days get longer and sunnier and the birds start chirping, so please stay focused, safe, and keep running.


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