The All-Season Co's most popular things of 2020

The All-Season Co's most popular things of 2020


2020: well, that was interesting, right?

We're so grateful for the lessons learned over the past year, and for our great community that inspires us, no matter the weather.  

Looking back at the year that was, as we get excited for the new year ahead, we figured we'd take a minute and share some of the the things that resonated most with our community.

Our top 5 most read blogs of the year were...

1. Essential activation exercises for runners
2. 5 great running podcasts to binge right now
3. All-Season Runner Q&A: Paolo Morell
4. All-Season Runner Q&A: Dr. Marilyn Simmons Bowe
5. Visit these National Parks without leaving your home

Our 5 most popular products from the spring/summer 2020 collection were...

1. All-Season Runner: Women's athletic shorts 
2. The 2020 All-Season Runner shirt (discontinued)
3. 365: Unisex race bib tank
4. All-Season Track Club: Unisex Tank
. Men's moisture wicking All-Season Runner tee

And our 5 most popular products from fall 2020 collection were...
1. All-Season Runner: Unisex hoodie
2. All-Season: Unisex fleece pullover
3. All-Season Runner: Unisex yellow pigment sweatshirt
4. All-Season Hiker: Sweatshirt
5. All-Season Runner: Ceramic mug

Also in 2020, we saw our community grow on social and even launched our first All-Season Affiliate program (you can check out details on that here). 

The team here is currently putting some final touches on some big plans for 2021, which we'll be able to share soon.

As always, we're so humbled by grateful for your support, and inspired by your All-Season efforts. 

Here's to a great 2021!


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