These were the most visited U.S. National Parks last year

These were the most visited U.S. National Parks last year


Two bison clash in traffic outside Yellowstone National Park. Photo: Goutham Sivanandam.

From coast to coast and beyond, there are over 400 parks that make up the U.S. National Park System. However, only 62 of them actually have the words National Park in their name.

The NPS recently released a tally of last year's visitorship numbers. Below are the top 10. How many have you been to to hike or run trails?



Recreational Visits


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

12.5 million


Grand Canyon National Park

5.97 million


Rocky Mountain National Park

4.7 million


Zion National Park

4.5 million


Yosemite National Park

4.5 million


Yellowstone National Park

4 million


Acadia National Park

3.4 million


Grand Teton National Park

3.4 million


Olympic National Park

3.2 million


Glacier National Park

3 million


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