All-Season Runner: Brandon Miller

All-Season Runner: Brandon Miller

This series talks to inspiring All-Season Runners from around the world. What's an All-Season Runner? That's what we call runners who don't let the wet, cold, wind or heat stop them from hitting their strides.

Here, we catch up with Brandon Miller from Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hey, I’m Brandon from Pittsburgh, PA. Most my time is consumed by being outdoors, running, and spending time with my two golden doodles.  I have been running since June 2015.   

What pushes you to get outdoors in any type of weather?
You can’t pick race day conditions, so you’ve got to train through it all. Also, I find it pretty beneficial as a mental challenge to just get it done by any means necessary.  

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement as a runner?
Starting and continuing. I’ve run marathons and ultramarathons, but without starting to run, that never would’ve happened. In the beginning it was really tough and I hated it, but I didn’t quit. By continuing to do it, I eventually grew to love it and running is a huge part of my life today.   

'You can’t pick race day conditions, so you’ve got to train through it all.' 

How has COVID-19 impacted your running?
For the most part it hasn’t altered it too much. I typically run pretty early in the morning, but when I do run in the afternoon or evening, I just make sure to stay on lesser travelled trails and keep my distance when needed. 

Follow Brandon's All-Season adventures via his Instagram.

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