Easy tricks to level up your campsite

Easy tricks to level up your campsite

So, maybe you’re not a trained Navy SEAL, Girl Scout or member of the French Foreign Legion. Don’t let that discourage you from being a true camping hero.

Here are a few easy tips to show-off a bit.

Saving thyme: We know you love to wind down a great day outdoors with a great meal. If you’re using a portable grill, soak a bit of some rosemary or thyme and use it to help infuse some flavours into your meal, and to help keep the bugs at bay.

Tic-tac-whoa: Need a hack to store cooking spices?
(Empty!) tic-tac boxes work great.



Duct hunting: You know when you’re camping and you’re all like: “I’m going to take a sip of water then look for that darn duct tape.”  Well, now you can accomplish both things at once, partner. Use that duct tape to take care of blisters, patch tent holes, or to help get rid of tick larvae. Alternatively, you can wrap tape around your flashlight for the same purpose 

Eggsactly: You don’t want to put some eggs in your backpack. Instead, crack them at home, and empty them into a mason jar, or plastic water bottle.  And don’t toss away that cardboard egg carton. Instead, fill it with wax-coated cotton balls or charcoal to help get your bonfire going.

Breaking wind: Facing your tent against the wind will keep bugs from having a party at your front door. An added benefit is avoiding the sweeping aromas produced by Uncle Jack after he’s filled up on baked beans.

Now that's using your head(lamp): Take your headlamp off, and use the strap to affix it around a large water jug.  Next, turn the lamp so its light directs towards the jug. Next: Turn. It. On. The light, diffused by the jug, creates a wide lamp that’s bright enough to light your living room, and is more than enough for your tent.


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