What do you do with your keys when you go running?

What do you do with your keys when you go running?

All-Season Co: Keys while running

Phone - check.
Watch - check.
Keys -- uhhh.

Where do you put your keys when you go for a run?

Of course, if you've been doing this for a while, you may have a convenient solution already: a zip up pocket on your shorts, jacket or vest - or a fanny, er, waist pack or belt...

If you're a beginner, though you might be wondering where to put your keys.

Here are a few tips from Luke, one of our All-Season team members, on some hacks he used when he was starting out:

• Keep it light: Try to minimize the keys you actually need to take with you. Maybe you can leave your car keys at home, or ditch the fob if you all you’ll need is the deadbolt key. If you need to drive out to a trail, lock up everything you don’t need in your vehicle and take the fob along. Less bulk, less weight results in less to lose and worry about, and less bouncing around as you make your strides.

• Keep it simple: Let's say you get it down to one key, maybe make a copy so this can be your go-to, out-for-a-run-key.

• Keep it secure: Ok, so where do you keep it? You can tie it into the drawstring of your shorts or pants, or onto your shoelaces. Or, strap your key around your wrist with a fabric elastic band. The idea is that you’re less likely to lose what’s attached to you. 

Of course as you hit your stride as a runner, you'll be more apt to invest in more running gear, and the key holding options will really open up. 

We'd love to hear from you: do you have any tricks or fun ways to keep your keys secure that you can share with the community?


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