Kategorie: Run The 80s: Retro running apparel for runners who love the 1980s

Run Radical | Retro running apparel for runners who love the 80s

If you're going to be an All-Season Runner, and run in all kinds of climates and weather... well, you've got to keep it totally tubular. 

This summer, we're going retro with our new collection of gear and apparel inspired by the 1980s in a collection we're calling "Run the '80s."


The collection has a few looks. One line takes design cues from totally '80s sci-fi films like TronBlade Runner,  E.T. and Flash Gordon. We also have a more '80s pop-inspired line, which takes stylistic notes from The Bangles to breakdancing, from Pretty Woman to Pretty in Pink, and from to Saved By The Bell to Super Mario Bros.   


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Listen to the All-Season Runner playlist 80s on Spotify here.